Words and word combinations

analysis – анализ, исследование, подробное рассмотрение critical analysis — критичный анализ
advanced research – многообещающие исследования
basic research – фундаментальные исследования
to be engaged in research – заниматься научно-исследовательской работой
This research covers a wide field – исследование обхватывает широкую область
after the study of the matter – после исследования этого вопроса …
humane studies – гуманитарные науки
history and allied studies – история и Words and word combinations схожие ей предметы
pilot study предварительное, экспериментальное исследование
desk study чисто теоретическое исследование
thorough examination – а) всестороннее исследование; б) тщательное исследование (материала)
to carry on an investigation – проводить исследовательскую работу
the scientific method of inquiry –научный способ исследования

My study deals with the problems of.../ is devoted to the investigation of Words and word combinations...
It touches upon the problems of...

The main purpose / goal / aim of it is...to find out / to define / to characterize / explore / to investigate / to analyze / to gain /.....
It is aimed at .....

I set myself a task to / of...
the tasks that face us / that we are faced with Words and word combinations / are as follows....
Its objectives are the following:

we must apply .... to finding a solution – мы должны применить...., чтоб решить эту задачку
comparative [experimental] method of investigation – сравнительный [экспериментальный] способ исследования
his method is to compare different versions – его способ состоит в сравнении различных вариантов
there are several methods of doing Words and word combinations this – существует несколько методов сделать это
ampliative inference – индуктивный способ
a method that is attended by some risk – способ, связанный с неким риском
convenient method – подходящий способ
to approximate to a solution of the problem – подходить к решению задачки
To use ... approach(to) – подход
interdisciplinary approach м – подход исходя из убеждений разных наук

We began the work Words and word combinations by collecting material – Мы начали работу со сбора материала
we have two problems before us – пред нами две задачки
data for study – материал исследования
laboratory data – данные лабораторных исследовательских работ
adequacy of data – достоверность данных

acceptance of a theory – согласие с какой-л. теорией
application of a theory in actual practice – применение теории в практической деятельности
the backbone Words and word combinations of a theory – база теории
to back up a theory with facts – подкрепить теорию фактами
to construct a theory – сделать теорию (see construct II)
the results of the experiment contradicted this theory./agreed with the theory – результаты опыта шли вразрез с этой теорией / согласовывались с теорией

Field of Science and Research

Active Words and word combinations Vocabulary

to do / to carry on / to carry out / to conduct research

to contribute to / to make a contribution to

to influence/to affect / to have an effect on / upon

to study / to make studies / to investigate / to explore

to put forward an idea

to suggest an idea / a theory / a hypothesis

to Words and word combinations advance / to develop/to modify a theory

to predict / to forecast / to foresee

to accumulate knowledge

field of science / research

a new area of research

current branch / field of research

latest/recent achievements / developments / advances

a(an) outstanding / prominent / world-known scientist / researcher


A. Answer the questions:

1. What is your field of science / research?

2. What are the current issues in Words and word combinations your field of science / research?

3. Have new areas of research appeared in recent years?

4. What is your particular area of research?

5. What are the latest achievements in your field of science / research?

6. Have many fundamental discoveries been мейд in your field of science / research?

7. Can you Words and word combinations name some outstanding researchers in your field of science? What contribution have they мейд?

8. Do achievements in your branch of science/research influence everyday life? In what way?

9. What further developments can you predict in your field of science/research?

B. Complete the sentences which contain the words from the Active Words and word combinations Vocabulary Section. Speak about your field of science/research.

1. I do research in the field of ... .

2. It is the science / a comparatively new branch of science that studies ...

3. The field of science / research that I'm concerned with gathers knowledge about ...

4. Major developments include advances in ... .

5. Remarkable advances have Words and word combinations been мейд in ... .

6. The branches of science contributing a lot to progress in my field of research are ... .

7. My current field of science / research is ... .

8. It's difficult / not difficult to foresee / forecast / predict ... .

C. Work in pairs.

Ask for and give information on your field of science and research Words and word combinations.